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I really like President Obama, but…

I liked him better when he was running for his first term.  He was passionate about his ideas and dreams.  As a speaker, he inspired me.  I hung on his every word, and was motivated and hopeful.  He spoke like a courageous wise man. 

These days, I feel like he’s lost that hope he once possessed.  When the Occupy Movement was new and strong, bright and hopeful, I wish that Barack Obama had come to the streets and spoken to the protestors as a man.  I’m not talking about him being the President, but as that courageous, determined and hopeful leader, in whom we were in such awe.  He could have saved the world in one day, if he said the right thing, to the right people, on the right day.  We voted for a man of peace.  We voted for a man who would help us succeed.  We voted for the man who vowed to fight for us.  

I don’t see that guy anymore, and it breaks my heart. 

Let it be said, that I hope on all that is good and just, that our president will reconnect with that man, and lead our nation into a prosperous future for everyone. 

P.S. I know he’ll never see this, but in the event that he does; President Obama, I’d give you the highest of fives, if the secret service would let me.  Please be the leader that our nation needs.  Fight for us.  We’re all willing to go the extra mile if you ask.  Don’t just point policy in the right direction.  Point US in the right direction.  Find that common ground, and tell us how to save our American Dream.

Well, 10 out of 11.  Not as bad as I thought.  Take the Pew Research Center’s News Quiz, and test your knowledge of the Presidential Election.

Well, 10 out of 11.  Not as bad as I thought.  Take the Pew Research Center’s News Quiz, and test your knowledge of the Presidential Election.

A challenge to Mitt Romney and the DNC

The DNC should invite Mitt Romney to come and speak.  It would be a great chance for the Republican candidate to address his opposition, and convince them to change their minds.  I don’t think there’s anything he could say that would sway their opinions of the current political climate, but it’ll be, at least, insightful.  

I challenge Mitt Romney to speak at the DNC, to the people of the Democratic party. Bring it, Mitt!!

I really hate it when

I post something about how much I despise those who agree with the GOP, and a member of my family comments with something like, “I would never write you off over politics.  You’re my family, and I will love you, no matter how much we disagree.”


I have this facebook friend, who has been a card-carrying member of the GOP.  She uses her facebook as a means of sharing her ideals with a narrow audience.  Besides that, she’s always been really cool.  She has spent all day, posting about the RNC.  About an hour ago, she had had enough of that crap, and publicly renounced all ties and affiliation with the GOP!!  This is a good day!

Normally I live for this stuff but I’m not ready for this election to really take off. Not yet.


Can I crawl back into my Olympics bubble?

Mittens is ruining my weekend.

I’m sure we’ll all have a good laugh in the morning.  Most likely, in the brief moments between tears.

Go west young man, when evil goes east.

When we think of the 1 percent, do we think, friend, or foe?  I think foe.  If the enemy is trying, with all their might, to remove President Obama from office, I think it is fair to assume that the opposition candidate is planning on working for the enemy.  That makes Mitt Romney, the enemy of the people. 

Now, President Obama is no saint, but he has done a lot to help make our plight a bit easier.  Not all of his policies have been helpful.  NDAA was a bad plan.  Drone strikes and hit lists aren’t cool at all.  However, I think that those policies may be less bad than the plans of a Romney administration. 

Our election has been bought.  I think it’s in everybody’s best interest if we match their dollars with our ability to speak out.  They may be able to buy air time, but we can steer individual conversations.  We can make arguments.  We can do more than we have been doing, to keep Mitt Romney from buying the U.S. Government.

Bernie Sanders has released a list of the 26 billionaires who have been purchasing our election.  These are not the type of people we want making the rules.  I commend Mr. Sanders for speaking out and for outing these monsters.

Please, for the sake of us all, DON’T LET ROMNEY WIN THIS ELECTION!  Our children will hate us for having let this happen.