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One of the three men who accused Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of child molestation claims he made his story up.


A Maine man says he lied when he accused former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of molesting him.

Zachary Tomaselli of Lewiston said Friday that he fabricated the allegations and took pride in his ability to convince people his claims were true. He told The Associated Press he’s a “habitual liar and sociopath” who lacks feelings for others.

Two other men made accusations against Fine but prosecutors say too much time had passed to consider charges related to their allegations. Federal prosecutors examining Tomaselli’s claim did not comment. A district attorney said in December that evidence undercut Tomaselli’s credibility.

Tomaselli is about to head to prison after getting convicted of molesting a boy himself. The allegations came out as a result of the case. (ht @BreakingNews)